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Following questions and answers are all new published by SAP Official Exam Center: (The full version is in the end of the article!!!) QUESTION 21Which reviewers can you select using the Access Control configuration parameter 2006 (Who are the reviewers) for user access review (UAR)? (Choose two) A.    MANAGERB.    ROLE OWNERC.    RISK OWNERD.    SECURITY LEADE.    APPROVERAnswer: AB QUESTION 22Which of the following are rule types used in MSMP workflow? (Choose three) A.    Web Service ruleB.    ABAP Class-Based ruleC.    Function Module-Based ruleD.    BRFplus ruleE.    ABAP User Exit-Based rule Answer: BCD QUESTION 23How do you manually replicate initiators from a previous version of Access Control so they can be used in BRFplus and a MSMP workflow? A.    Create multiple initiator rules and assign them to a process ID containing different detour pathassignments.B.    Create an initiator rule and assign it to multiple process IDs.C.    Create multiple initiator rules and assign them to a process ID.D.    Create an initiator rule and assign it to a process ID. Answer: D QUESTION 24For what purpose can you use the Role Status attribute in Business Role Management? A.    To organize the authorization structure for your companyB.    To indicate that a role is relevant for a specific projectC.    To restrict the roles available for user access requestsD.    To define how essential a role might be for your company Answer: C QUESTION 25What does an agent rule determine? A.    The workflow initiator to be executedB.    The workflow detour routing to be executedC.    The available variables to be used in notificationsD.    The approvers/recipients for the workflow Answer: D QUESTION 26For which of the following scenarios would you activate the end-user logon function? A.    A user has no access to the Access Control system and needs to submit a request for access.B.    A user has been promoted to manager and needs to log on to the Access Control system to approve a pending request.C.    A user has successfully completed validation testing.D.    A user has signed a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). Answer: A QUESTION 27You need to create an access request workflow for a role assignment that will have two or three approval steps, depending on the role criticality level.Which type of rule do you use? A.    BRFplus Flat ruleB.    MSMP Notification ruleC.    MSMP Agent ruleD.    BRFplus rule Answer: A QUESTION 28You have activated the MSMP workflow Business Configuration (BC) Sets delivered by SAP. However, your customer requires a four-stage workflow for the Access Request process to include an approval by the system owner.How do you achieve this? A.    Define a custom notification template and assign it to the corresponding BRFplus Flat rule.B.    Deactivate the standard BC Set and create a custom BC Set.C.    Create an additional stage and define the appropriate agent rule.D.    Use an existing agent rule and remove one stage. Answer: C QUESTION 29How do you enable stage configuration changes to become effective after a workflow has been initiated? A.    Activate the Path Reroute indicator.B.    Activate the Path Override Assignment Type indicator.C.    Activate the Path Reval New Role (Revaluation) indicator.D.    Activate the Runtime Configuration Changes OK indicator. Answer: D QUESTION 30You have created an agent rule in BRFplus. Which additional configurations do you have to perform to use this agent rule in a workflow? (Choose two) A.    Define agents and their purposes.B.    Maintain workflow route mappings.C.    Link the rule to the appropriate process ID.D.    Define notification variables. Answer: AC If you want to prepare for C_GRCAC_10 exam in shortest time, with minimum effort but for most effective result, you can use GreatExam C_GRCAC_10 practice test which simulates the actual testing environment and allows you to focus on various sections of C_GRCAC_10 exam. 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