This page was exported from Offering New Exam PDF And Exam VCE Dumps For Free Downloading [ ] Export date:Wed Feb 26 1:29:43 2020 / +0000 GMT ___________________________________________________ Title: [2016-New] C_GRCAC_10 Practice Tests C_GRCAC_10 Questions And Answers Free Download In GreatExam (51-60) --------------------------------------------------- 2016 July SAP Official New Released C_GRCAC_10 Q&As in! 100% Free Download! 100% Pass Guaranteed! Good news, GreatExam has updated the C_GRCAC_10 exam dumps. With all the questions and answers in your hands, you will pass the SAP C_GRCAC_10 exam easily. Following questions and answers are all new published by SAP Official Exam Center: (The full version is in the end of the article!!!) QUESTION 51Your customer wants to adapt their rule set to include custom programs from their SAP ERP production system. How do you ensure that the custom programs can be maintained properly in the rule set? (Choose three) A.    Maintain all relevant authorization objects and the associated default field values in transaction SU24 in the GRC system.B.    Synchronize SU24 data for use in Access Control Function maintenance using transaction GRAC_AUTH_SYNC.C.    Synchronize SU24 data for use in Access Control Function maintenance using transaction GRAC_REP_OBJ_SYNC.D.    Maintain all relevant authorization objects and the associated default field values in transaction SU24 in the SAP ERP system.E.    Create a custom transaction code for each customer program using transaction SE93 in the SAP ERP system.Answer: BDE QUESTION 52Which auto-provisioning options are available in the global provisioning configuration? (Choose three) A.    Manual ProvisioningB.    Indirect ProvisioningC.    Auto-Provision at End of RequestD.    No ProvisioningE.    Combined Provisioning Answer: ACD QUESTION 53Which tasks must you perform to enable a user to begin a central Firefighter session? (Choose three) A.    Create a user ID for the Firefighter in the target system.B.    Assign an owner to the Firefighter.C.    Maintain Firefighter ID owners in Access Control owners.D.    Maintain reason codes in Superuser Maintenance.E.    Assign a controller and a Firefighter to a Firefighter ID. Answer: CDE QUESTION 54What data is synchronized when you run the GRAC_REPOSITORY_OBJECT_SYNC report? (Choose three) A.    ProfilesB.    RolesC.    Role usageD.    PFCG authorizationsE.    Users Answer: ABE QUESTION 55You create a BRFplus initiator rule for the Access Request approval workflow. Which standard request attribute that is listed as a header data object, as well as a line item data object, can you insert into a condition column? A.    LocationB.    Business ProcessC.    DepartmentD.    Priority Answer: B QUESTION 56Why would you generate a new MSMP workflow version? A.    To activate the stage configuration settingsB.    To deactivate parallel batch processingC.    To delete the existing workflow configuration settingsD.    To change the process global settings Answer: A QUESTION 57You want to synchronize the Access Control repository with data from various clients. In which sequence do you execute the synchronization jobs? A.    1. Repository Object Sync (profile, role, user)2. PFCG Authorization Sync3. Action Usage Sync4. Role Usage SyncB.    1. PFCG Authorization Sync2. Action Usage Sync3. Role Usage Sync4. Repository Object Sync (profile, role, user)C.    1. Repository Object Sync (profile, role, user)2. Action Usage Sync3. PFCG Authorization Sync4. Role Usage SyncD.    1. PFCG Authorization Sync2. Repository Object Sync (profile, role, user)3. Action Usage Sync4. Role Usage Sync Answer: D QUESTION 58Which task is mandatory for the successful generation of a workflow? A.    Transport every generated workflow version.B.    Correct errors prior to activating the workflow.C.    Save the workflow version locally.D.    Perform a workflow version simulation. Answer: B QUESTION 59Who approves the review of the periodic segregation of duties? A.    Mitigation monitorsB.    Role ownersC.    Mitigation approversD.    Risk owners Answer: D QUESTION 60You have updated authorization data for your roles in the target system using PFCG. You now want to synchronize the authorization data in Business Role Management without changing the existing role attributes. How do you accomplish this? A.    Use the Role Import template.B.    Use the Role Mass Update function.C.    Use the Role Mining function.D.    Use the Mass Role Generation function. 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