This page was exported from Offering New Exam PDF And Exam VCE Dumps For Free Downloading [ ] Export date:Sun Jul 21 0:21:00 2019 / +0000 GMT ___________________________________________________ Title: [April 2018] Free Share PMP PDF Dumps With Lead2pass Updated Exam Questions 1720q --------------------------------------------------- Free Share Lead2pass PMI PMP VCE Dumps With New Update Exam Questions: QUESTION 21Because your project is slated to last five years, you believe rolling wave planning is appropriate. It provides information about the work to be done______________. A.    Throughout all project phasesB.    For successful completion of the current project phaseC.    For successful completion of the current and subsequent project phasesD.    In the next project phase Answer: CExplanation:Rolling wave planning provides progressive detailing of the work to be accomplished throughout the life of the project, indicating that planning and documentation are iterative and ongoing processes. QUESTION 22You want to minimize the impact of changes on your project, yet you want to ensure that change is managed when and if it occurs. This can be done through each of the following ways EXCEPT______________. A.    Rejecting requested changesB.    Approving changes and incorporating them into a revised baselineC.    Documenting the complete impact of requested changesD.    Ensuring that project scope changes are reflected in changes to product scope Answer: DExplanation:Integrated change control requires maintaining the integrity of baselines by releasing only approved changes into project products, services, or results. It also ensures that changes to product scope are reflected in the project scope definition. This is done by coordinating changesacross the entire project. QUESTION 23You are managing a project to introduce a new product to the marketplace that is expected to have a very long life. In this situation, the concept of being temporary, which is part of the definition of a project,______________. A.    Does not apply because the project will have a lasting resultB.    Does not apply to the product to be createdC.    Recognizes that the project team will outlive the actual projectD.    Does not apply because the project will not be short in duration Answer: BExplanation:A project is completed when its objectives have been achieved or when they are recognized as being unachievable and the project is terminated. In this case, the end will occur when the product is finished. Thus, the concept of temporary applies to the project life cycle______________ not the product life cycle. QUESTION 24When closing a project, it is a best practice to______________. A.    Update the project documentsB.    Prepare a sustainment plan for the project's benefitsC.    Measure product scope against the project management planD.    Review the scope baseline Answer: DExplanation:In closing the project, it is necessary to ensure that the project work is completed, and the project has met its objectives. Since project scope is measured against the project management plan, the project manager then reviews the scope baseline to ensure completion.PMI®, PMBOK® Guide, 2013, 101 QUESTION 25All the following are project baselines that are generally part of the project management plan EXCEPT______________. A.    TechnicalB.    ScopeC.    TimeD.    Cost Answer: AExplanation:Scope, time, and cost are examples of project baselines to be part of the project management plan. QUESTION 26You are responsible for a project management training curriculum that is offered throughout the organization. In this situation, your intangible deliverables are______________. A.    Employees who can apply the training effectivelyB.    Training materials for each courseC.    Certificates of completion for everyone who completes the programD.    The training curriculum as advertised in your catalog Answer: AExplanation:Most deliverables are tangible, such as buildings or roads, but intangible deliverables also can be provided. Work performance data are collected during direct and manage project work and is passed on to the controlling processes of each process area for further analysis. QUESTION 27Working on your project management training curricula project, you decided it would be beneficial to you to become an active member of the Project Management Institute as part of the objectives of your project is to ensure it is aligned with PMI®'s best practices. To complement PMI®'s Work Breakdown Structure Practice Standard, you learned PMI® was requesting volunteers to participate in development of a similar standard on the Scope Statement. You volunteered, and now the Standard is issued. This is an example of: A.    Improving your own competency as a project managerB.    Corrective actionC.    Preventive actionD.    A requirement for you to immediately update your project management plan Answer: BExplanation:When you volunteered, you signed a confidentiality statement so you could not disclose what was under way on this activity. Now the Standard has been issued, and to stay in alignment with PMI®'s best practices, you need to issue a change request based on corrective action to realign the performance of the work of your project with your project management plan. QUESTION 28Ideally, a project manager should be selected and assigned at which point in the project life cycle? A.    During the initiating processesB.    During the project planning processC.    At the end of the concept phase of the project life cycleD.    Prior to the beginning of the development phase of the project life cycle Answer: AExplanation:When the project manager is selected and assigned to the project during initiation, several of the usual start-up tasks for a project are simplified. In addition, becoming involved with project activities from the beginning helps the project manager to understand where the project fits within the organization in terms of its priority relative to other projects and the ongoing work of the organization. QUESTION 29Closing a project phase should not be delayed until project completion because______________. A.    Useful information may be lostB.    The project manager may be reassignedC.    Project team members may be reassigned by that timeD.    Sellers are anxious for payments Answer: AExplanation:Closure includes collecting project records, ensuring that the records accurately reflect final specifications, analyzing project or phase success and effectiveness, and archiving such information for future use. Each phase of the project should be properly closed while important project information is still available. QUESTION 30As you are working on your telecommunications project, even though you are using agile methods, you realize you are preparing an extensive amount of data and information. You regularly share data with your project team. Your last team meeting focused on the number of change requests and also the start and finish dates of activities in your schedule. They are examples of______________. A.    Key performance indicatorsB.    Work performance reportsC.    Work performance dataD.    Work performance information Answer: CExplanation:Work performance data are the raw observations and measurements identified during activities performed to carry out the work of the project. Other examples are the reported percent of work physically completed, quality and technical performance measures, number of defects, actual costs, and actual durations. 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