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What happens when you activate data in a DataStore Object (DSO)?

A.    The data from Persistent Staging Area (PSA) is written to the active data and the change log.
B.    The data from the activation queue is written to the active data and removed from the change log.
C.    The data from the InfoPackage is written to the activation queue.
D.    The data from the activation queue is written to the active data and the change log.


Answer: D

You want to create a Crystal report based on a BEx Query that contains a characteristic value variable.
To which element is this variable mapped in Crystal Reports?

A.    Formula
B.    Parameter
C.    Prompt
D.    Filter

Answer: B

Which hierarchy elements can you select using the Member Selector in Web Intelligence?(Choose three)

A.    Hierarchy node variables
B.    Hierarchy children
C.    Hierarchy descendants
D.    Hierarchy variables
E.    Hierarchy nodes

Answer: BCE

In an SAP BusinessObjects Analysis, edition for Microsoft Office workbook, where can you find the active filters?(Choose two)

A.    Under Design Panel -> Information tab
B.    In the Info field
C.    Under Design Panel -> Components tab
D.    Under Design Panel -> Analysis tab

Answer: AB

Which of the following data sources can you choose directly to create a Web Intelligence document?(Choose two)

A.    InfoCube
B.    Universe
C.    BEx Query View
D.    Business View
E.    Analysis View

Answer: BE

What happens when you activate a characteristic InfoObject with master data?

A.    Existing master data is validated and written in the activation queue.
B.    If the activation is successful, a Master data Change Run is automatically started.
C.    The assigned navigational attributes are activated for reporting in the InfoCube.
D.    The SID table and the appropriate master data tables are created in the Data Dictionary.

Answer: D

For which purposes can you use the tabs in the Design panel of SAP BusinessObjects Analysis, edition for Microsoft Office? (Choose two)

A.    The Components tab, to retrieve information such as filters assigned to single components
B.    The Components tab, to add components such as charts or dropdown boxes to the workbook
C.    The Information tab, to add text information to the workbook by using drag and drop
D.    The Information tab, to display the structure of used elements
E.    The Analysis tab, to define the data that is displayed in the crosstab

Answer: CE

Which of the following BI clients require a predefined connection in the BI platform to a BEx Query?

A.    Analysis, edition for Microsoft Office and Explorer
B.    Crystal Reports 2011 and Analysis, edition for OLAP
C.    Web Intelligence and Crystal Reports for Enterprise
D.    Dashboards and Web Intelligence

Answer: C

What is the purpose of design mode in BEx Analyzer?

A.    To change the query design
B.    To design query views
C.    To design and embed charts in the workbook
D.    To define the layout of the workbook using design items

Answer: D

Which BW sources supply data to a BEx Web application?(Choose three)

A.    BEx Queries
B.    BWA indexes
C.    Fact tables
D.    InfoProviders
E.    BEx Query views

Answer: ADE

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