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QUESTION 181How do you point an existing report to a new universe in Crystal Reports 2008? A.    Create a new report.B.    Update linking in report.C.    Recreate the universe query.D.    Reset the data source location to the new universe. Answer: D QUESTION 182How would you customize a report to enable users to define the data returned? A.    Create groups specific to the users' needs.B.    Use a parameter in the record selection formula.C.    Use variables to conditionally suppress data.D.    Create an argument and use it in a formula. Answer: B QUESTION 183Which two statements are true regarding the Object Linking Wizard in Crystal Reports 2008? (Choose two.) A.    Object Linking Wizard can use Report Parts.B.    BusinessObjects Enterprise XI R3 must be installed.C.    BusinessObjects Enterprise XI R2 must be installed.D.    Object Linking Wizard contains all the OpenDocument options. Answer: BD QUESTION 184Which two actions will refresh report data? (Choose two.) A.    Repositioning a print-time formula fieldB.    Inserting a new summaryC.    Adding a field not currently usedD.    Changing the report's data parameters Answer: CD QUESTION 185You are running your report by date and must view three fiscal quarters. Which method should you use when the report is based on a command object? A.    Use a multi-value parameter in a subreport.B.    Use many single-value parameters in a subreport.C.    Use a multi-value parameter in the command object.D.    Use many single-value parameters in the command object. Answer: C QUESTION 186Which two methods can you use to convert NULL values to the database default? (Choose two.) A.    Create a formula to convert all NULL values to database default.B.    Create a statement in the record selection to convert all NULL values to database default.C.    Select the Convert Database NULL Values to Default checkbox in the Report Options menu.D.    Select the Convert Database NULL Values to Default checkbox on the Reporting tab of the Options menu. Answer: CD QUESTION 187The Sales Department needs a Crystal report that shows total sales by day for the month and allows the report reader to view either a report listing all days in the month to date or a shorter report showing just the days when sales exceeded a bonus target of $10000. You decide to use report alerts to accomplish this. Which formula properly sets the alert condition? A.    Sum ({Orders.Order Date}, {Orders.Order Amount}, "daily") > 10000B.    IF Sum ({Orders.Order Amount}, {Orders.Order Date}, "daily") > 10000 THEN crCondition = "Enabled"C.    IF Sum ({Orders.Order Amount}, {Orders.Order Date}, "daily") > 10000 THEN AlertMessage = "Enabled"D.    Sum ({Orders.Order Amount}, {Orders.Order Date}, "daily") > 10000 Answer: D QUESTION 188You create an If-Then-Else formula for a Crystal report. When you close the Formula Editor, you receive the error message "A string is required here." Which two formulas could return such an error? (Choose two.) A.    IF {Customer.Country} > "Canada" THEN {Orders.Order Amount} ELSE {Orders.Order Amount}* 1.20 + "CDN."B.    IF {Orders.Order Amount} > 5000 THEN "High Order" ELSE {Orders.Order Amount} > 3000 then "OK"C.    IF {Orders.Order Amount} > 5000 THEN "High Order" ELSE 0D.    IF {Orders.Order Amount} > 5000 THEN "High Order" ELSE {Orders.Order Date} Answer: CD QUESTION 189Which function could you use to change a DateTime value from one time zone to another? A.    ChangeDateTimeB.    ModifyDateTimeC.    ShiftDateTimeD.    MoveDateTime Answer: C QUESTION 190You use the following conditional formatting formula to display a background color of yellow when the condition is met: IF {Table.Field Name} > 5000 THEN Yellow You want the background color to be white when the condition is not met. Which two lines can you add to the conditional formatting formula to achieve the requirement? (Choose two.) A.    ELSE NoColorB.    ELSE TransparentC.    ELSE CurrentFieldValueD.    ELSE White Answer: AD SAP C_BOCR_11 exam questions are available in PDF and VCE format. This makes it very convenient for you to follow the course and study the exam whenever and wherever you want. 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