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When do you update the project management plan?

A.    Only at the beginning of the project
B.    Once in each project phase at the phase kick off
C.    After project closing to reflect lessons learned
D.    After an agreed upon change to areas covered by the plan

Answer: B

Youre a project Manager and you have completed the following phase start up deliverables: – Allocate Resources / Preform Kickoff meeting / Prepare team on Boarding Document In Which phase of the project are you?

A.    Operate
B.    Realization
C.    Project Preparation
D.    Business Blueprint

Answer: C

Which of the following ASAP Deliverable are only applicable when the ASAP project is managed in an Agile way? Note: 2 correct answers

A.    Project Management Plan
B.    Sprint Initiation
C.    Visualization
D.    Release Closing

Answer: BD

Which of the following are characteristics of Service Desk Functionality in SAP Solution Manager? Note: 2 correct answers

A.    Service Desk is Fully integrated with SAP Back-end systems
B.    Service Desk is Limited to SAP application errors and issues
C.    Service Desk is Recommended tool for tracking end-user support messages
D.    Service Desk is only used to process test messages during an implementation project

Answer: AC

You are in the early stage of setting up an implementation project. What key components of project governance do you need to establish and agree with your project sponsor?Note: There are 2 correct answers to this question.

A.    SAP Solution Manager system
B.    Roles and responsibilities
C.    Project schedule
D.    Project organizational structure

Answer: BD

You are in the Final Preparation phase and are approaching go live.How do you communicate the exact timing, steps, and logistics for cutover to production to stakeholders?

A.    Share the Final Cutover Plan with them.
B.    Present the details during the Go Live Support Phase Kick Off Meeting.
C.    Invite them to Go Live Simulations.
D.    Communicate the details during the Business Readiness Check

Answer: A

Youre a project manager in a large implementation project that is just about to start transitioning to the production environment. Your order management team indicates that several warehouse employees do not seem ready to go live. Youre unsure if you should proceed with the go live activities as planned. What Organizational Change Management (OCM) Deliverable do you use to assess wither the organization is ready to go live and the new system?

A.    OCM Road show
B.    Pre go live end-user training
C.    Production cut over
D.    Organizational and Production Support Readiness Check

Answer: B

Which of the following tools are recommended to perform the SAP Solution String Test? Note:
3 correct answers

A.    SAP Application Visualization with iRise
B.    Service Desk
C.    SAP Enterprise modeling by Software AG
D.    SAP Test Acceleration and Optimization
E.    SAP Quality Center by HP

Answer: BDE

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