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A.    Delete the shares for records of this entity.B.    Check whether the entity has any component dependencies.C.    Remove the entity ownership.D.    Remove the entity from any security role.Answer: B QUESTION 62You add a Roll up field to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Account entity to calculate the sum of related Opportunity Estimated Revenue.How frequently will Dynamics CRM automatically recalculate the Rollup field? A.    once every 12 hoursB.    once every four hoursC.    once a dayD.    once an hour Answer: D QUESTION 63You are a Microsoft Dynamics CRM consultant. You are assigned a new implementation.Before you configure the customer's environment you want to set the Option Value Prefix for your solution.In which location do you set the Option Value Prefix? A.    system settingsB.    the Option SetC.    your solutionD.    The publisher of your solution Answer: D QUESTION 64In Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you create a custom Event entity tor storing events and a custom Event Type entity for storing possible Event Types for events.You want to store one or more of these Event Types in an Event.What should you create? A.    a native N:N relationship between Event and Event TypeB.    a Lookup attribute in the Event entityC.    a Multiple Lines of Text attribute in the Event entityD.    an Option Set attribute in the Event entity Answer: B QUESTION 65You customize Microsoft Dynamics CRM for a customer.Your customer has the following requirements for custom attributes: - Users should not be able to add filters for this field in Advanced Find.- The fields should be available when customizing views. What should you do? A.    Remove the attribute from the Find Columns list of the Lookup view.B.    Remove the attribute from the Find Columns list of the Quick Search view.C.    Create a business rule to prevent the use of this attribute in Advanced Find.D.    Change the Searchable option to No. Answer: D QUESTION 66You want users to be able to access a custom entity from Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Tablets.Which two actions should you perform? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.Choose two. A.    Add the entity to at least one SiteMap area.B.    Create a new form to Mobile.C.    Enable the CRM for Tablets check box.D.    In Managed Properties, set New forms can be created to Yes. Answer: AC QUESTION 67You are creating a solution in Microsoft Dynamics CRM that has new custom entities and attributes.Which two Data Types are supported for Calculated fields? Each correct answer presents a complete solution. Choose two. A.    LookupB.    Option SetC.    Two optionsD.    Multiple Lines of Text Answer: BC QUESTION 68You are a Microsoft Dynamics CRM specialist for an organization. The marketing and sales teams at the organization exist within different business units.Your organization decides that a marketing employee's personal chart could be very useful to the sales team.You need to distribute this chart to the sales team but not to the marketing team. No users currently have privileges to create personal charts.What should you do? A.    Share the chart with the sales team.B.    Copy the chart by using Save As, and assign the copy to the sales team business unit.C.    Export the chart and distribute the file to sales team users.D.    Convert the chart into a system chart. Answer: A QUESTION 69A contractor is creating custom reports in your Microsoft Dynamics CRM database.You need to prevent unnecessary access to sensitive account data.Which security role should you assign to the contractor? A.    Global AdministratorB.    DelegateC.    System AdministratorD.    System Customizer Answer: D QUESTION 70You create several additional attributes in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.Which two field requirement levels can be set? Each correct answer presents a complete solution. Choose two. A.    Business RequiredB.    System RecommendedC.    System RequiredD.    Business Recommended Answer: AD QUESTION 71You have a Dynamics CRM organization.The account entity must appear as Company to all users.Which two fields should you change? Each correct answer presents A.    Plural NameB.    Display NameC.    NameD.    Description Answer: ABExplanation: QUESTION 72You are creating a relationship between two entities.You need to define a relationship type that will create a lookup field on one of the entities.Which type of relationship should you use? A.    a one-to-one (1:1) relationshipB.    a relationship implemented by using connectionsC.    a many-to-many (N:N) relationshipD.    a one-to-many (1:N) relationship Answer: DExplanation: QUESTION 73You have a Dynamics CRM organization.You create a custom entity named Real Estate Property.You are creating a one-to-many (1:N) relationship between the account entity and Real Estate Property. You need to identify what will occur by creating the relationship.What should you identify? A.    A lookup field will be added to the account entity. Nothing will be added to Real Estate Property.B.    A lookup field will be added to Real Estate Property. A lookup field will be added to the account entity.C.    A lookup field will be added to Real Estate Property. Nothing will be added to the account entity.D.    A custom field will be added to Real Estate Property. A custom field will be added to the account entity. Answer: C QUESTION 74You need to create a field on the account entity. The field must display the total value of all the open orders for an account. any sub-accounts of the account.Which two actions should you perform? Each correct answer presents part of the solution. A.    Set Hierarchical to Yes.B.    Set Hierarchical to No.C.    Create a calculated fieldD.    Create a simple field.E.    Create a rollup field. Answer: AE QUESTION 75You create a vehicle entity to track the vehicles owned by a contact. You create a one-to-many (1 :N) relationship from the contact to the vehicle. You need to ensure that the vehicle records are deleted.What should you do? A.    Set the relationship behavior for the delete action to deleted.B.    Set the relationship behavior for the delete action to Remove Link.C.    Set the relationship behavior for the delete action to Cascade AllD.    Set the Type of Behavior for the relationship to Referential, Restrict Delete.E.    Set the Type of Behavior for the relationship to Referential Answer: C QUESTION 76You need to identify for which types of entities you can configure status reason transitions. Which two entity types should you identify? Each correct answer presents a complete solution. A.    all system entities, except for activity entitiesB.    the case entityC.    all custom entities, except for custom activity entitiesD.    the opportunity entity Answer: BCExplanation: QUESTION 77You have a custom field .You need to ensure that the field appears in Advanced Find results. What should you configure for the field? A.    Field SecurityB.    SearchableC.    IME ModeD.    Field Type Answer: B QUESTION 78You are preparing entity customizations that will be exported as part of a managed solution. You need to identify for which field types of an entity you can customize the Managed Properties. Which two field types should you identify? Each correct answer presents a complete solution. A.    a custom field on a system entityB.    a system field on a system entityC.    a custom field on a custom entityD.    a system field on a custom entity Answer: AC QUESTION 79You have a Dynamics CRM Online organization.You need to identify the maximum number of rollup fields that you can define for an entity by default.What should you identify? A.    5B.    10C.    30D.    100 Answer: BExplanation: QUESTION 80You have a Dynamics CRM organization that contains a custom entity named Vehicle. You configure an entity mapping for the relationship between the contact entity and the Vehicle entity to map the address fields. Users report that when they update the address field of a contact the address field of the vehicle fails to update. You need to identify the cause of the issue. What should you "identify? A.    The relationship behavior is not set to Cascade All.B.    The data is copied only during record creation .C.    A workflow that is triggered when the contact's address changes, and that uses update steps for each vehicle record, is in draft mode.D.    Server-side synchronization is disabled in the System Settings. Answer: BExplanation: The MB2-712 online practice test prepare you according to the real exam scenario. Free demo is available to check before buying the MB2-712 study guide. 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