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Refer to the exhibit. What conclusion can you draw from the given ping output?


A.    The ping operation sent packets ranging from 505 to 1500 bytes in size
B.    The Verbose option was set in the IP header
C.    The packet life was exceeded in 5 percent of the oper ations
D.    Fragmentation faited duting the ping operation

Answer: D

Refer to the exhibit. You notice that when interface F0/0 goes down.the device fails to install the floating static route to next hop interface route table.
Which action can you take to correct the problem?


A.    Configure the primary route with an outgoing interface only
B.    Configure the primary route with a next-hop address and an outgoing interface
C.    Configure a summary route to the next hop router on interface F0/1
D.    Configure a summary route to the next hop router on interface F0/0

Answer: B

Which two statements about static routing are true?(Choose twe)

A.    It is highly scalable as networks grow
B.    It requires less bandwidth and fewer CPU cycles than dunamic routing protocols
C.    It reduces configuration errors
D.    It can be implemented more quickly than dumamic routing
E.    It provides better security than dynamic routing

Answer: BE

Refer to the exhibit. Which router will be used tou forward traffic to destinations unknown in the area?


A.    R3
B.    R5
C.    R2
D.    R4
E.    R1
F.    R6

Answer: E

Which feature must be enabled so that an IS-IS single topology can support IPv6 traffic?

A.    old-style TLVs only
B.    bot new-and old-style TLVS
C.    adjacency checking
D.    new-style TLVS only
E.    extended metrics

Answer: E

Which technology allows a device to filter routes into and out of an MPLS VPN?

A.    route distinguishers
B.    route targets
C.    LDP
D.    CEF

Answer: B

Which IPv6 migrationg metod allows IPv4-only devices to communicate with IPv6-only dual?

A.    dual stack
B.    GRE tunnel
C.    ISATAP tunnel
D.    NAT64

Answer: D

Refter to the exihibit. When R2 attempted to copy a file from the TFTP server, it received this error message. Which action can you take to correct the problem?


A.    Change the access-list configuration on R1to access-list 1permit 17216.1.0
B.    Configure the ip tftp source-interface Fa0/1 command on R1
C.    Configure the ip tftp source-interface Fa0/1 command on R2
D.    Configure the ip tftp source-interface Loopback0 command on R2
E.    Configure the ip tftp source-interface Loopback0 command on R1

Answer: D

Which statement about Cisco Express Forwarding is true?

A.    The FIB table resides on the route processor and the adjacency table resides on the line cards when Cisco Express Forwarding is enabled
B.    The FIB table and the adjacency table reside on the line cards when Cisco Express Forwarding is enabled
C.    Layer 2 next-hop address information is maintained in the FIB table
D.    Layer 2 next-hop address information is maintained in the adjacency table

Answer: D

Which two statement about IGmp fitering are true?(Choose two)

A.    It supports IGMPv3 traffic only
B.    It allows Anycast RP to operate within a single AS
C.    It can be implemented on Layer-3 routed ports using the ip igmp access-list command
D.    It eliminates the need for a multicast RP
E.    It can be implemented on Layer-2 swirchports using IGMP profiles

Answer: CE

For which two purposes can RTCP be used?(Choose two)

A.    Authenticating RTP sessions
B.    Providing encryption for RTP flows
C.    Providing out-of-band statistics and control information for RTP session
D.    Collecting information about VoIP service quality
E.    Providing resource reservation service for VoIP traffic

Answer: CD

Refer to the exhibit. R1 has an OSPF path to R2 and R3 for, but R1 has a routing entry for from only one router at a time. Which option is the most likely cause?


A.    The R1 maximum path is set to 1.
B.    R2 has a higher administrative distance.
C.    R2 is using a filter list.
D.    R2 is using an offset list.

Answer: A

Under which two circumstances is ipsec transport mode appropriate?(Choose two)

A.    When both hosts are behind IPsec peers
B.    When IPsec peers are the source and the destination of the traffic
C.    When only one host is behind an IPsec peer
D.    When the hosts are transmitting router management traffic
E.    When only IPheader authentication is needed
F.    When only IPheader encryption is needed

Answer: BD

Which two statements about BGP confederation architecture are true?(Choose two)

A.    The ASN of a confederation is excluded from the AS_PATH path length calculation
B.    IBGP sessions inside a sub-AS have a default TTL of 1
C.    The intraconfederation EBGP default TTL value between sub-ASes is 1
D.    The AS_SET and AS_SEQ components help prevent loops inside a sub-AS
E.    The intraconfederation EBGP default TTL value between sub-ASes is 255

Answer: AC

Which value does VPLS use to make forwarding decisions?

A.    destination IP address of the packet
B.    destination MAC of the Ethernet frame
C.    source IP address of packet
D.    source MAC of the Ethernet frame

Answer: B

Which three configuration settings must match for switches to be in the same MST region?(Choose three)

A.    password
B.    region name
C.    VLAN-to-instance assignment
D.    revision number
E.    VLAN names
F.    domain name

Answer: BCD

Which difference between IGMP Snooping and PIM Snooping is true?

A.    IGMP Snooping is a Cisco-proprietary technology, while PIM Snooping is standards-based
B.    IGMP Snooping controls multicast traffic to hosts, while PIM Snooping controls multicast traffic to routers
C.    IGMP Snooping replicates multicast traffic to multicast listeners, while PIM Snooping blocks multicast traffic from multicast listeners
D.    IGMP Snooping allows traffic destined to destination groups only, while PIM Snooping filters multicast traffic to all hosts

Answer: B

With PBR and set ip next-hop configured on an incoming interface, how does the router forward the packet with the next-hop being unreachable?

A.    The packet is forward using the normal routing table
B.    The packet is policy routed
C.    The next hop is added to the route table and the packet is policy routed
D.    The packet is dropped

Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit. Which router on the given network generates the IS-IS pseudonode?


A.    R4
B.    R3
C.    R1
D.    R2

Answer: A

Which two statements about HDLC are true? (Choose two)

A.    It is incompatible with full-duplex links
B.    It resides on the network layer
C.    It can insert and delete bits in the frame to prevent the delimiter flag’s bit pattern from appearing within data fields
D.    Its frames are non-synchronous
E.    The physical layer clocks and synchronizes communication between links

Answer: CE

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