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A security analyst has been asked to perform a review of an organization’s software development lifecycle. The analyst reports that the lifecycle does not contain a phase in which team members evaluate and provide critical feedback of another developer’s code. Which of the following assessment techniques is BEST described in the analyst’s report?

A.    Architecture evaluation
B.    Baseline reporting
C.    Whitebox testing
D.    Peer review

Answer: D

An attacker wearing a building maintenance uniform approached a company’s receptionist asking for access to a secure area. The receptionist asks for identification, a building access badge and checks the company’s list approved maintenance personnel prior to granting physical access to the secure are. The controls used by the receptionist are in place to prevent which of the following types of attacks?

A.    Tailgating
B.    Shoulder surfing
C.    Impersonation
D.    Hoax

Answer: C

A security administrator is tasked with conducting an assessment made to establish the baseline security posture of the corporate IT infrastructure. The assessment must report actual flaws and weaknesses in the infrastructure. Due to the expense of hiring outside consultants, the testing must be performed using in-house or cheaply available resource. There cannot be a possibility of any requirement being damaged in the test. Which of the following has the administrator been tasked to perform?

A.    Risk transference
B.    Penetration test
C.    Threat assessment
D.    Vulnerability assessment

Answer: D

A network administrator is attempting to troubleshoot an issue regarding certificates on a secure website. During the troubleshooting process, the network administrator notices that the web gateway proxy on the local network has signed all of the certificates on the local machine.
Which of the following describes the type of attack the proxy has been legitimately programmed to perform?

A.    Transitive access
B.    Spoofing
C.    Man-in-the-middle
D.    Replay

Answer: C

Which of the following use the SSH protocol?

A.    Stelnet
B.    SCP
C.    SNMP
D.    FTPS
E.    SSL
F.    SFTP

Answer: BF

Which of the following is the GREATEST risk to a company by allowing employees to physically bring their personal smartphones to work?

A.    Taking pictures of proprietary information and equipment in restricted areas.
B.    Installing soft token software to connect to the company’s wireless network.
C.    Company cannot automate patch management on personally-owned devices.
D.    Increases the attack surface by having more target devices on the company’s campus

Answer: A

Which of the following is the summary of loss for a given year?

A.    MTBF
B.    ALE
C.    SLA
D.    ARO

Answer: B

A Security Officer on a military base needs to encrypt several smart phones that will be going into the field. Which of the following encryption solutions should be deployed in this situation?

A.    Elliptic curve
B.    One-time pad
C.    3DES
D.    AES-256

Answer: D

An organization relies heavily on an application that has a high frequency of security updates. At present, the security team only updates the application on the first Monday of each month, even though the security updates are released as often as twice a week. Which of the following would be the BEST method of updating this application?

A.    Configure testing and automate patch management for the application.
B.    Configure security control testing for the application.
C.    Manually apply updates for the application when they are released.
D.    Configure a sandbox for testing patches before the scheduled monthly update.

Answer: A

A technician must configure a firewall to block external DNS traffic from entering a network. Which of the following ports should they block on the firewall?

A.    53
B.    110
C.    143
D.    443

Answer: A

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