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What is the function of Band Steering?

A.    Balancing clients across APs on different channels within the same band
B.    Encourages clients, 5GHz capable, to connect on the 5GHz spectrum
C.    Coordinate access to the same channel across multiple APs
D.    Enables selection of 20 vs. 40 MHz mode of operation per band
E.    Enables acceptable coverage index on both the “b/g” and “a” spectrums

Answer: B

With CPSec disabled, which tunnel protocol is used between APs and Controllers in an Aruba environment?

A.    Basic IP
B.    GRE
C.    IPinIP
D.    Mobile IP
E.    IPSec

Answer: B

The above diagram has one master and three local controllers. AP1 GRE terminates on controller Local 1.
All controllers are configured with the wireless user VLAN 201. A wireless user associates with AP 1. Only L2 mobility is enabled.
Which elements will know about this association?


A.    Local 1 only
B.    Local 1 and the Master
C.    Local 1 and Local 2 and the Master
D.    Local 1 and AP1
E.    All Controllers

Answer: B

The screen captures above show the 802.1X authentication profile and AAA profile settings for a VAP. If machine authentication fails and user authentication fails, which role will be assigned?



A.    employee
B.    guest
C.    Captive Portal
D.    Logon
E.    no role will be assigned

Answer: E

Masters communicate configuration information with locals using which tunnel type?

A.    GRE
B.    IP in IP
C.    Provision Tunnel Protocol
D.    IPSec
E.    PPTP

Answer: D

Which of these are NOT a client attribute that can be configured in user derivation rules?

A.    MAC address
B.    DHCP option value
D.    Filter ID
E.    encryption

Answer: D

Aruba Client Match does NOT use which of the following parameters to determine the best AP for a client connection?

A.    Device type
B.    Location
C.    Signal to Noise Ratio
D.    Access Point load
E.    Spectrum Analysis

Answer: E

Refer to the above screen capture. By default, which controller’s internal database will be used for user authentication?


A.    Controller only
B.    Controller and only
C.    All three Controllers
D.    You can’t tell from this screen
E.    The Controller with the user session

Answer: A

What is true about an AP in Hybrid Spectrum mode?

A.    Scan home channel and services client traffic on home channel
B.    Scans all channels and services clients on home channel
C.    Puts the selected band in spectrum mode and services clients on other band
D.    Makes the AP a spectrum monitor, but does not affect other APs in the AP-group
E.    All APs in AP-group scan home channel and service clients

Answer: A

A Server Group has been configured with three Radius servers. Load balancing has been enabled.
Choose the correct statement?

A.    All Radius request are sent round robin continuously
B.    10 request are sent to first server then 10 to the next server
C.    Only the first two servers are used and the third is a backup server
D.    Runs average response times and balances the load accordingly
E.    To use Load Balancing EAP Termination must be enabled

Answer: D

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